Sometimes, we forget to breathe… Breathing is not just drawing out carbon dioxide and taking in oxygen. It is living. We fail to see the purpose of life. People ought to see fails and misfortunes as a curse to be miserable at. We are able to breathe because every day we are given a second chance, if… More Breathe

Don’t Limit Yourself

Stop limiting yourself from life’s choices. People see things from their own perspectives. Try looking through others’ angle, you might as well be mesmerized. Don’t limit yourself. Life’s choices are limited to what you let yourself in. There are countless options you can run into. Alternatives to replace bad choices. Possibilities to conquer. Hopes to make… More Don’t Limit Yourself

People Do Care

I am touched about this video I saw on Facebook the other day.It talks about a new boy hedgehog (a tiny cutey spiky mammal) who is very different from his other classmates (who are tiny lovely fluffy animals). As he walks on the way to his spot, he knocks chairs and tables. They don’t like to get… More People Do Care

I’m Envious

I’m envious. I hate myself for letting this sin inhabit my soul. It’s a constraint I must escape from. My mind is in constant regret in allowing a small guilt flow from these stream of blood. I can’t fight it. I tried escaping from it once. Or twice. I don’t know… Maybe a million times.… More I’m Envious

Itch or Pain?

Do you prefer itch or pain? I asked myself once, “Why does scratching an itch make it worse?” Being a person with an alcohol intolerance, I suffered an allergic reaction once I intake more alcohol than I intend to drink. My back would become swollen and red by the itch. When I try to eliminate the… More Itch or Pain?

Busy Street

Can you hear the engines cough in a stoplight? The air filled with machine fart. The reds and whites dancing in the moonlight while green is turning to orange or yellow then to a halt. The air may feel cold but you ignore it because you are more drawn to your social feeds. No eye… More Busy Street