What is Death?

I never thought death was a thing until my grandmother died. When I was little, I lived with my mom, dad, grandma, grandpa and two younger sisters. Before bed, grandpa always recounts the same old bedtime stories every single night. And we loved it. Grandma on his left side of the bed. Mom and Dad… More What is Death?

Rare Occasions

Today is a special day for someone. A debut celebration of one of our friends. Since me and my boyfriend rarely attend these kinds of occasions, it is rather a special day also for us both. Times where I can take rrandom selfies with him. Where I can be crazy with him. These rare occasions… More Rare Occasions

Deck of Cards

We were bored. Before sleeping, my baby sister and I want to pass the time. We ate some lemon slices and watched Facebook video clips. After a while, we got bored and played card games for two players. On the first draws, we played recent games we know. It was a card game where you… More Deck of Cards

Drives You Nuts

Did something like this happen to you: You just woke up and someone is yelling at you? Called you names you do not accept? Do the chores that are not supposed to be yours? Clean a mess you did not intend to make? Tell someone to do something but ended up doing it on your… More Drives You Nuts

They Will Stay

Be with someone who supports your craziness. Go with someone who motivates you emotionally. Turn to someone who hugs you when you’re down. Walk with someone who guides you correctly. Laugh with someone who brings out your true self. Face someone who is ready to look at you. Fall for someone who accepts the real… More They Will Stay