Starless Night

When a starless night blankets the sky, the world is clearer. Your eyes won’t fall by the beauty of the universe but the earth beneath you. Purring engines sing along with the chirping insects. Bouquet of lights bows along the runway. Leaves are swaying in delight under the dim lighting. It is wonderful how the… More Starless Night

Free Soul

My worst nightmare came to life… Do you remember “My Cat Abandoned Me”? Summary: one day my cat didn’t come back home and I couldn’t find him anywhere. But when I got out of the house, another family was waiting there and my cat got out of the house and went straight to the strangers.… More Free Soul

The Outlaw Couple

I was curious who Bonnie and Clyde were. These names came out from some songs I’ve heard. In my opinion at first, they were a normal couple who happened to be popular because of their cunning love story. I was wrong. The duo were not just “a normal couple”. They were criminals. As I recall… More The Outlaw Couple


I have never felt so embarrassed my entire life. My day was normal, as usual. Got out of the house after lunch (which is 5pm on my watch). And went for a walk until I reached my bf’s house where my cats live. A normal day to day activity that I can execute with my… More Embarrassed

Search Engine

This is a general question for all WordPress self-hosted users. I did a research of myself and learned that my website is not visible on google. Is it something I am not doing or a website of self-hosting is not as popular as I thought it is. My site is searchable and is on top… More Search Engine

Keep It To Yourself

She is the kind who keeps it to herself.Her truth is hidden on the shelf. Yet, she lives a life full of deception.A world that floods with rejection. She is the kind who pretends it is okay.Her actions may seem to portray.Yet, she keeps on living on a fantasy.A promise betrayed. That’s crazy. She is… More Keep It To Yourself