How To Be Creative

Being creative has been one of the most important parts of life. You can have unlimited things to do, many possible jobs to get, grades to achieve and most of all you can have a hobby. Here are some tricks on how to be creative: 1. Know What You Want. Not everyone knows what he wants… More How To Be Creative

Breaking The Distance

There are so many emotions in this world: happiness, joy, excitement, sadness, fear… Everything. They are felt by a different person with different stories. Special for everyone concerned. People come and go. Some stay and most leave. Roads keeping them away from their loved ones and so is the time in between every trip. Arriving and… More Breaking The Distance

Midday Thoughts…

A thought came to me… “It’s cold outside and no one dares to go out bare. Some will go out on their most comfy clothes. Some will put on their fanciest. Everything would be a competition outside, as we can see it. But did we…” You know what, just stop… If you don’t feel like… More Midday Thoughts…

“Stuffed Toy”

These words… I won’t see them the same after I heard what my youngest sister once told us. One day, we’re doing the house chores while talking about our day, about serious things and life in general. I can’t remember the whole details how, but we heard something about a “stuffed toy”. Maybe on YouTube.… More “Stuffed Toy”