Starless Night

When a starless night blankets the sky, the world is clearer. Your eyes won’t fall by the beauty of the universe but the earth beneath you. Purring engines sing along with the chirping insects. Bouquet of lights bows along the runway. Leaves are swaying in delight under the dim lighting. It is wonderful how the… More Starless Night

I Choose Me

It’s true. I do not act my age. My heart is as fragile as it was but my spirit is stronger. I do not entertain dramas (except in movies). Comedy and fantasy movies are my two favorite genres (preferably together). I laugh with my mouth wide open. My legs are up while I eat. I’m… More I Choose Me

Keep It To Yourself

She is the kind who keeps it to herself.Her truth is hidden on the shelf. Yet, she lives a life full of deception.A world that floods with rejection. She is the kind who pretends it is okay.Her actions may seem to portray.Yet, she keeps on living on a fantasy.A promise betrayed. That’s crazy. She is… More Keep It To Yourself


Out of curiosity, why do you trust so much? You let yourself be controlled by emotion and guilt you forget your own sentiments. Maybe there were times that people fall for this trap multiple times. Yet, it’s a hole deep enough to fill. But once it’s full, time is the only solution. Broaden your minds.… More Broad