Random Beauty

I have been planning on taking photos of random things while walking on the street. My inspiration was when I and my bf started having random photo walks. I can freely express myself as a photographer with random things rather than people. There was a photo I posted on my Instagram (photo below) and someone… More Random Beauty

The Bigger Picture

From these few years of practising Photography, I already have my own personal preferences. I restarted handling a photo camera last 2016. From that time, I have considered myself an aspiring photographer. Here are some of my photos in 2016: I experimented from detail photography to portrait to nature and creative photography. There were times… More The Bigger Picture

I Hate It When…

I hate it when you tell me to hold your hands because I don’t know the place even if I’ve been there almost every time. How I laugh as if I haven’t heard it already. The way our hands fit together when the red light turns green, ready to protect me from any danger. I… More I Hate It When…

My Shade of Dark

There is a fine line between a man’s good side and bad. But I’ll talk about my own shade of dark. Hurt is one of the most red-lined items on my hate list. Physically, I don’t want to see or even imagine someone getting hurt. The sound of blood coming out of the veins burns… More My Shade of Dark

Project 365 – May

for the month where everyone’s outside STREET PHOTOGRAPHY Like all the previous parts of this Photography Project 365, I’m happy to announce that I’m already on my 5th month! Here are the previous projects I’ve made for this challenge (I want to change subjects per month because I don’t want to think everything is the same): January… More Project 365 – May