Walk On Thin Line

Have you experienced walking straight on a thin line? I did. Just this afternoon. I went to the bus stop in this hot temperature to climb up a Pullman with an air conditioner. My transportation arrived at least ten minutes after. I got inside and I felt the cold air sipping through my skin. Before… More Walk On Thin Line

At Least I Tried

Today was a difficult day. I did my daily routine and after that, it was a very clever night. My family was invited for dinner at a friend’s house. She is a Filipina and her husband is Italian. They have a dog named Seli. She is already thirteen years old. I played with Seli before… More At Least I Tried

Manage Time

Doing things when it’s convenient for you is a waste of time. There are several cons of not managing your time. I know these because I’m living it. Though I’m trying to change my ways, I want to keep a good set of goals for my time management. It will also be the best way… More Manage Time

I Choose Me

It’s true. I do not act my age. My heart is as fragile as it was but my spirit is stronger. I do not entertain dramas (except in movies). Comedy and fantasy movies are my two favorite genres (preferably together). I laugh with my mouth wide open. My legs are up while I eat. I’m… More I Choose Me

Keep It To Yourself

She is the kind who keeps it to herself.Her truth is hidden on the shelf. Yet, she lives a life full of deception.A world that floods with rejection. She is the kind who pretends it is okay.Her actions may seem to portray.Yet, she keeps on living on a fantasy.A promise betrayed. That’s crazy. She is… More Keep It To Yourself

Portrait Career

The worst part about being a photographer is to capture a section you are not comfortable with and being disappointed by the results. That is how I feel about portrait photography. From the start, I did not consider myself worthy to get paid for my portraits. They do not satisfy my starvation of my photography… More Portrait Career