I Need Sleep

Does my body need proper rest? Or do I have to eat that much and allow my body to burn the fats while I am awake at night and procrastinate writing until I have to sleep? My problem is not insomnia. It is not also a sign of having a sleeping disorder. I want to… More I Need Sleep

Do You Trust Me?

Trust. A deep word with deeper meaning. Difficult to comprehend. Whether it is physically or emotionally. Do you trust me? If something happens and I am present, are you willing to sacrifice the thought that I am responsible? Even though, do you consider me as a family to have faith in to? I don’t think… More Do You Trust Me?


The early blow of winter airComing through the windowpaneNaps are better than to prepareBefore leaving the house to the lane The stop is full of autumn leftoverEven the ground has its pondsThough it is the best feeling everEvery memory present expands.

Morning Coffee

Although I work in a bar, I like to take breakfast elsewhere. Sunday morning, last 2 weeks ago, we decided to visit the caff√® bar near our church. I wanted to see how they make their cappuccinos and macchiatos. How they froth lattes in general. In fact, it made me want to learn more. Being… More Morning Coffee

Distant Friend

Things I do not understand. It feels like yesterday you are my friend. How long will you be away? Will we meet again someday? The smile I cannot turn to frown. Will it still fall down? Even with the light of the moon. Will I see you again soon? I doubt your return tomorrow. The… More Distant Friend

Mirror App

I saw an App on PlayStore that I was interested in. It is called Mirror. I thought it was interesting so I tried it and some of these stickers made me smile. Then it reminds me of someone. My boyfriend. So I made a customized image of him and saved some of it on my… More Mirror App


“So, I doubt my self. No big deal.” One of a person’s WORST instinct is to doubt themselves in times of trouble. They would say “I cannot do this”, “I am not supposed to be here”, “this is not what I was made for”, “I give up”, etc. Sometimes when everything falls apart, it means… More Self-Doubt

Hold Your Time

Everyone with a job knows that their time is not theirs anymore. It is not an obligation to do but is better to accept. When I first started working and I realized that the time I was told to go home is only the time to close. And I have a little overtime every night.… More Hold Your Time

Easy to Forget

I have a big problem. My memory… There are times I do not understand why I keep on forgetting where I put my phone. Sometimes my friends find it and mock me about it. There are also situations when I was holding it a moment ago and then lost it elsewhere. I always thought I… More Easy to Forget