I just thought about pickles. Green sour crunchy pickles that melt in your mouth with every bite. That’s all I am thinking about right now, so. Sorry. No blog for today. Anyways, thanks for stopping by.

Next Stop: Vocalist

Ever since I was young, singing was one of my chilling hobbies. I’d sing in the bath, on the couch, while brushing, with guitars, in school, and literally everywhere I was. I learned how to play the guitar because of my excessive singing. In high school, I was one of the “guitarists” whom everybody wants… More Next Stop: Vocalist

My Kind of Fiction

A book with a great plot makes you want to dig in for more. As the story goes on deeper, you get attached to the characters. Just when you feel you already belong in the group, that’s when the story ends. The worst feeling any reader has to endure over and over with every book… More My Kind of Fiction

Take Me With You

I woke up with a smile. This was a rare occasion. It was the first time I’m happy I woke uo without remembering my dream. Then, I get frustrated by the disturbances around me while being in a weird dream. Today, the illusion was bitten by the reality. This one song was playing on the… More Take Me With You

In This Together

This is an open love letter: Dear love, When I first met you, there was a strange pull that kept on dragging me towards you. You were my first crush that lasted for two long years without anyone noticing it. There were other boys cuter than you and younger than you that had caught my… More In This Together

Gaze Far

I am guilty. Yesterday. I cannot think about what happened and how it’s happened. My mind malfunctioned. I just stood there, frozen. The problem is I cannot say no. I consider every opinion and they affect my own decisions. My time is precious, yet I take compromises religiously. Sunday afternoon, I have made up my… More Gaze Far