Bike Taught Me

Stamina. Strength. Patience. Bike taught me how to be productive. To lesser the time of idleness and start to get healthier by getting faster. Without biking, I wouldn’t have realized the use of my free time. Then, I walk to the bus stop and wait for a maximum of 15 minutes per bus arrivals. It… More Bike Taught Me

One Out

I have a good number of list stuck in my bucket. This summer, one out. My summer of 2019 is unexpectedly one of the most unforgettable experiences in my life. Swimming is not my best talent. Actually, I am not a fan of swimming. I have a fear of the ocean and the unknown species… More One Out

First Hill Climb

My legs hurt. We planned a morning bike to the hills today. It was epic. First, I woke up and dressed on time. The problem is I couldn’t find my bike gloves. I’ve been searching for it for almost 10 minutes and my bf called me twice. I told him to wait and look for… More First Hill Climb


I do not recommend you do this! This is a not kid-friendly post. So if you are under 18, please be aware that not every adult are responsible for bad behaviour. I procrastinate. A LOT. It does not only mean I do things last minute. Sometimes, I do not finish my work until the deadline.… More Overloaded

Reach for the Sky

This afternoon, I wanted to walk our dog in the park. My boyfriend has just started his summer leave. We went there together to get more active and to breathe some fresh air. The park is big. It is divided by long roads for bicycles, longboards, skates, scooters, and other park friendly vehicles. Alongside it… More Reach for the Sky

Queen of the Mountain

Starting a bike commute is one way of cutting off unnecessary expenses, unwanted fats, waiting time, and most especially traffic. I officially began cycling on the last day of July 2019. My main reason was to eliminate the need for bus commuting because I lose more time waiting than actually getting on the bus. Today… More Queen of the Mountain

A Little Too Late

What’s done is done. There will be regrets in our lives that no matter how many wishes we made to bring back time, it won’t. You cannot change the past. Have you been frozen in place because you realize something you did wrong and it’s already a little too late to change that? I did… More A Little Too Late

Get Fit

A year ago…We went to the Philippinesto have a good vacationaway from work. A year ago…I was thin. Throwback to August 2018…Ate once at night. Active in everyday activities. Sleep late at night. Wake up early (for school). No stress eating. A monthly dose of Longboard. This year’s Activities:Double eating at night.Not that active. Sleep… More Get Fit

Guilty Habits

Have you ever been in a conversation between two other individuals and they talked about some weird habit yet you laugh because you pretended not to be guilty doing it, too? I did. In high school, we got out of class and talked about peeing. It was funny back then. Still a good laugh now,… More Guilty Habits