Living the Past

You look back and everyone you know seems to fade away. As if they did not exist to begin with. What if one day you realized you were living the wrong life? The adventure begins when a meteor suddenly hit the place you’re living in. Sixteen years passed by and everything was a lie. Your… More Living the Past

Take Me With You

I woke up with a smile. This was a rare occasion. It was the first time I’m happy I woke uo without remembering my dream. Then, I get frustrated by the disturbances around me while being in a weird dream. Today, the illusion was bitten by the reality. This one song was playing on the… More Take Me With You

Burn Boat

Idiom. “Burn (one’s) boats.” To do something that cannot be easily undone or reversed in the future. Everybody play a big role in someone else’s life. It could be their best memories or worst nightmare. There is nothing in between. But to be a reason to burn one’s boat can be harmful. We can create… More Burn Boat