Murder in the Alps

One night, I was looking for a challenge and a mental training app in the Android Play Store. I found several escape rooms and escape challenges including Murder in the Alps and this is by far one of my favourites. The game is basically a murder case mystery. The player is called Anna (which is… More Murder in the Alps

What a Relief

Do you know the feeling when you overcame your fear? When your chest is liberated by knowing you can actually do what you are most afraid of. What a relief. I am not a fan of talking “seriously” because of my jolly character. It is not my piece-of-cake to open up especially to my parents.… More What a Relief

Another Path

Rejection is part of the process for your journey to success. You won’t know what will happen if you stop now. If anyone didn’t want you in their life, take the next route and move on. It’s easier said than done but it’s already another path to overcome and explore. Pursuing your dreams is not… More Another Path

To All the Girls Who Stopped Believing in Love (an Open Letter)

To all the girls who stopped believing in love, Let your doors open. It’s true you were hurt, down, and even broken. But you can still stand up and be stronger than you have been. You can be better than what you were. Love is not what you expect it to be. It is always… More To All the Girls Who Stopped Believing in Love (an Open Letter)


I had an untamed hair. It was all over the place. I brushed it too much. Shampooed the wrong products. Damaged with heat. Every possible torture I made that could have been prevented if only I knew what to do with it. Do I regret it? No. But now, I can do better. My hair… More Embrace