Things not Forgiven

How can someone forgive a person who continuously disappoints them? I had my own ups and downs. Mistakes were made. I have been forgiven too many times and I don’t deserve it. Though forgiveness is harder to give than to receive. The weight carried by the guilt is heavier. When you don’t know what to… More Things not Forgiven

For Keeps

A built relationship with someone can only be crashed based on its foundation. If you are in a relationship, say it’s a friend, a family or a lover, there will always be ones for keeps. They are the ones who know you from the sole of your dark mysterious side to the top of the… More For Keeps


My worst habit is doing things simultaneously. Do you want to finish numerous task all at the same time? For example, you are about to work on some project and suddenly you realize you want to continue what you started five minutes ago. But then you really need to focus on one job and ended… More Unfocused

Do Better This Time

Three days ago, I’ve made the biggest decision that could change my life forever. One thing I know myself of is that I am not fond of interacting with most people. I hate going to conferences where I’m obligated to participate. The feeling of trying so hard to communicate in front of dozens of human… More Do Better This Time


There are times I recall my Philippines travel experience. I did not worry about anything and anyone but myself. It was indeed an unforgettable event for me. After five years of thinking about school, I have decided to go to the Philippines with my boyfriend and his mom to take a one month vacation. I… More Reminisce

Long Way

The road is always far. There is nothing you can do about it. It may be bumpy. Sometimes it’s dark and cold. Other times it’s beautiful and comfy. The best way you can do is to continue walking through. There will be paths to choose from. The result depends on the choices you make but… More Long Way

Take My Hand

No one truly knows their own selves. People learn not on their own but with others. Stubbornness won’t take you far. Perhaps, it may hold you stronger than you’d think. Accept what you are going through. It’ll all be worth it. Take my hand. Let’s walk through this together. Don’t let the world fill you… More Take My Hand

Complicated Mystery

Life is a complicated mystery. You encounter different people with diverse personalities. They are either for a lesson or for a lifetime commitment. It is happy and sad. Sometimes it’s both. But when the leaves come falling down from the branch, it doesn’t mean there is no hope left. Maybe it’s winter cold and we… More Complicated Mystery

Random Beauty

I have been planning on taking photos of random things while walking on the street. My inspiration was when I and my bf started having random photo walks. I can freely express myself as a photographer with random things rather than people. There was a photo I posted on my Instagram (photo below) and someone… More Random Beauty