Long Way

The road is always far. There is nothing you can do about it. It may be bumpy. Sometimes it’s dark and cold. Other times it’s beautiful and comfy. The best way you can do is to continue walking through. There will be paths to choose from. The result depends on the choices you make but… More Long Way

Take My Hand

No one truly knows their own selves. People learn not on their own but with others. Stubbornness won’t take you far. Perhaps, it may hold you stronger than you’d think. Accept what you are going through. It’ll all be worth it. Take my hand. Let’s walk through this together. Don’t let the world fill you… More Take My Hand

Complicated Mystery

Life is a complicated mystery. You encounter different people with diverse personalities. They are either for a lesson or for a lifetime commitment. It is happy and sad. Sometimes it’s both. But when the leaves come falling down from the branch, it doesn’t mean there is no hope left. Maybe it’s winter cold and we… More Complicated Mystery

The Bigger Picture

From these few years of practising Photography, I already have my own personal preferences. I restarted handling a photo camera last 2016. From that time, I have considered myself an aspiring photographer. Here are some of my photos in 2016: I experimented from detail photography to portrait to nature and creative photography. There were times… More The Bigger Picture

Help Me Help You

Let me tell you a story that has been bothering me for the past few hours now. The event took place in the entrance way to an underground train station. I was walking my dog when I noticed a lady ascending on an escalator. She was already at the end of the moving stairway when… More Help Me Help You

What To Say

Just as I hate to admit, you always know what to say. Today was difficult. There were complicated things I could have misunderstood. It was almost hard for me to control my emotions. I’ve come up with long conversations in my head about an argument I’ll obviously can’t win. I hate disagreements. That’s why I… More What To Say

They Called

There was this day at noon. I was going about my daily chores when someone called me on my phone. *ring… ring…* “Hello? Who’s this?” “Miss Eloise? Is this miss Eloise?” a woman’s faint voice whispered on the other line. I startled as she says my name. Why do I have a feeling I’ve heard… More They Called

I Hate It When…

I hate it when you tell me to hold your hands because I don’t know the place even if I’ve been there almost every time. How I laugh as if I haven’t heard it already. The way our hands fit together when the red light turns green, ready to protect me from any danger. I… More I Hate It When…

Before Midnight

This was the longest night I have ever had. There are so many things I didn’t imagine would happen for only one night and in just a short moment of notice. It really is an unforgettable experience this year. I went out of the house earlier than I expected. It was a very good morning… More Before Midnight