Gaze Far

I am guilty. Yesterday. I cannot think about what happened and how it’s happened. My mind malfunctioned. I just stood there, frozen. The problem is I cannot say no. I consider every opinion and they affect my own decisions. My time is precious, yet I take compromises religiously. Sunday afternoon, I have made up my… More Gaze Far


My worst habit is doing things simultaneously. Do you want to finish numerous task all at the same time? For example, you are about to work on some project and suddenly you realize you want to continue what you started five minutes ago. But then you really need to focus on one job and ended… More Unfocused

I Feel Sorry For

Sometimes, it’s easier to make a story you can live on than to accept what is the reality. You are bound to your own emotions and opinions, ignoring what’s on the bigger picture. As if it’s you against the world, yet you force others to join on your self-made box. You protest about your feelings… More I Feel Sorry For

Same String

Is it good or bad? Tapping on the same string over and over. A monotone sustained. No fillers, melodies, not even a beat. Is silence better than a lifeless note? I try to cover my ears but the sound finds its way through my distant soul. The once breathable air now dense. Is it that… More Same String

My Shade of Dark

There is a fine line between a man’s good side and bad. But I’ll talk about my own shade of dark. Hurt is one of the most red-lined items on my hate list. Physically, I don’t want to see or even imagine someone getting hurt. The sound of blood coming out of the veins burns… More My Shade of Dark