Another Step

If you remember, I am going through a hair journey from heat damaged hair to my natural curls. It was almost a year since I’ve cut my hair short to save excess product I put on my hair. My ends were healthy but they needed to go. Now, after so many doubts about cutting the… More Another Step

Stuck on the Road

Did you ever hate the red light on the street in the morning? Well, it happened to me one time. Every Sunday, I was always the first one to arrive in church. But last Sunday, my time management was a little off. I woke up later than expected. So my time adjustment didn’t go well.… More Stuck on the Road

Night Stroll

Live. Love. Laugh. Cold feet and warm cheeks. That’s how I felt when I stepped into the rink. Blades were already crashing the ground. Waves of laughter filled the condense-aired room. Crisp breeze sat on my nose. My heart skipped a bit once I made a slight move. I love skating. It was one of… More Night Stroll