Starless Night

When a starless night blankets the sky, the world is clearer. Your eyes won’t fall by the beauty of the universe but the earth beneath you. Purring engines sing along with the chirping insects. Bouquet of lights bows along the runway. Leaves are swaying in delight under the dim lighting. It is wonderful how the… More Starless Night

Night Stroll

Live. Love. Laugh. Cold feet and warm cheeks. That’s how I felt when I stepped into the rink. Blades were already crashing the ground. Waves of laughter filled the condense-aired room. Crisp breeze sat on my nose. My heart skipped a bit once I made a slight move. I love skating. It was one of… More Night Stroll

Dear Diary

Dear diary, Today was normal. Birds chirped happily on a tree nearby. Leaves crunched when I step on them. Sun rays made my brows knit. The air was not dense. Cars roared as loud. The city was busy and people were scattered all around. My day went by smoothly. I’m happy about it. But I… More Dear Diary

Stars Lie

I was walking down a dark alley when I noticed bright shimmers on the ground. It looked familiar and it was almost relaxing. Yet the sky was dull due to light clouds. Stars lie. Beams from the night lamps strike the silver glitters on the frozen grass. It seemed like the stars were lying when… More Stars Lie

Before Midnight

This was the longest night I have ever had. There are so many things I didn’t imagine would happen for only one night and in just a short moment of notice. It really is an unforgettable experience this year. I went out of the house earlier than I expected. It was a very good morning… More Before Midnight