Before Midnight

This was the longest night I have ever had. There are so many things I didn’t imagine would happen for only one night and in just a short moment of notice. It really is an unforgettable experience this year. I went out of the house earlier than I expected. It was a very good morning… More Before Midnight

Is It Love?

When do you know it’s love? Does someone annoy you more than anybody can? But then, their absence still angry you. Have you been wishing upon the stars that this particular person might feel the same way? There once was a time I felt strongly for someone. I hated him for not being present. Yet… More Is It Love?

Mirror Image

Humans tend to look for a spitting image of themselves. They search for another person with the same interest, love and values. But throughout the process of finding the right match, there are circumstances and challenges far ahead. I had my own challenges and mismatches. I thought love was only a game to share others… More Mirror Image

She Went Berserk

Berserk-i. (adjective) out of control with anger or excitement, wild or frenzied I went berserk…Same shit, different day.I’m uncontrollable. I get angry. I get wild. I even decided my fate but the same crap happens over and over. My head hurts…I covered a chasm.But I still fall in the same hole. I’m freaking buried with every… More She Went Berserk