My cat has been lost for almost a week now. He came back for one day and then gone the next. I didn’t have the chance to properly say goodbye. Is he eating? Where does he drink? Does he poo? He doesn’t take a piss anywhere but their litter box. Is he doing just fine?… More I AM FRUSTRATED

If All Else Fails

If all else fails, have the faith that something good will happen in the end.That is the circle of life. This evening, my sister and I went to the bus station together. We were waiting for a line 45 bus. In the application, the bus will arrive at 20:37 and on the clock was still… More If All Else Fails

Natural Hair Journey

I hated my natural curls. Of course. That’s where all hair journeys started. When I was young, I imagined having long straight shiny hair without frizz. One factor of this hatred was toxic people who only knew how to mock people with different hair types. When I was already on the “right age“ to destroy… More Natural Hair Journey

Another Step

If you remember, I am going through a hair journey from heat damaged hair to my natural curls. It was almost a year since I’ve cut my hair short to save excess product I put on my hair. My ends were healthy but they needed to go. Now, after so many doubts about cutting the… More Another Step

I Will Never Forget

There was a small familiar bark I heard through my headphones. A voice I will never forget. The one who turned my whole life to who I am now. My first dog. Her name is Gaia. The story begins six years ago when I thought different about animals. I have had a few animals around… More I Will Never Forget