Mirror Image

Humans tend to look for a spitting image of themselves. They search for another person with the same interest, love and values. But throughout the process of finding the right match, there are circumstances and challenges far ahead. I had my own challenges and mismatches. I thought love was only a game to share others… More Mirror Image

Breaking The Distance

There are so many emotions in this world: happiness, joy, excitement, sadness, fear… Everything. They are felt by a different person with different stories. Special for everyone concerned. People come and go. Some stay and most leave. Roads keeping them away from their loved ones and so is the time in between every trip. Arriving and… More Breaking The Distance

The Look Of Pain

Fathers… One of the most impressive things about fathers is that they don’t easily get emotional. They don’t want to show it to their children or even their wives, most especially when they have had enough. They want to LOOK strong… to BE strong for their family. Dads keep on reminding us what we need to know.… More The Look Of Pain