I’m Envious

I’m envious. I hate myself for letting this sin inhabit my soul. It’s a constraint I must escape from. My mind is in constant regret in allowing a small guilt flow from these stream of blood. I can’t fight it. I tried escaping from it once. Or twice. I don’t know… Maybe a million times.… More I’m Envious

Sometimes we fight

Remember when… Sometimes we fightAnd I still love you for that.It’s not because of hatebut because we care. Sometimes we cryand I’m okay with that.You open up to melike nobody would dare. Sometimes we partbut still, meet in a trove.Life’s a maze but,we always find each other. Sometimes we hatebut often times we love.We love each… More Sometimes we fight

Living a Lie

All my life I’ve been living a single lie… I was hiding behind a face not farfrom who I am, yet still not the same.I’m controlled by my self-esteem,or, I don’t know, it dominated the game.I’m looking through a stranger’sreflection, not even mine to tame,I struggled with desperation to be seenand to get me back… More Living a Lie


Cornered in a place where all I know is to run… I was Suicidal…Gave hatred…Hatred for everybody…Yes, that was no joke. When I thought of it now, I believed it was crazy. But I’ve been there. Then, it was the only solution. I believed no one wanted me and I doubted myself, denied every beautiful… More Cornered