Beware of the Girl

Your worst enemy is a girl who’s got the cramps. She will do anything to minimize the irritation, even your breathing. Gets mad for nothing and forces you to do what she wants. That’s how powerful she is. The ache won’t leave her body unless she said so. She cries too much in movies. Her… More Beware of the Girl

Keep On Moving

Keep on moving. A phrase most people take for granted. Stuck in lies and regrets where time are fated. The reality blends in with the illusions. Captive by their own emotions. Strike the pedal hard enough to keep forward. Yet with every turn so is the time goes backward. May not the fall be the… More Keep On Moving


The words embossed inside are difficult to remove. They do not fade away before my eyes. Through the years, tears just fall. As scars leave a frightening memory of the past. Though time passes by quickly and reminisce is a backup, it does not mean forgetting. The mind is stronger than the body. For it… More Embossed

Take Me With You

I woke up with a smile. This was a rare occasion. It was the first time I’m happy I woke uo without remembering my dream. Then, I get frustrated by the disturbances around me while being in a weird dream. Today, the illusion was bitten by the reality. This one song was playing on the… More Take Me With You