Speaking of Games

Speaking of games, there are varieties of categor I enjoy playing. I can go from strategic to logical to mind and simulation games. My personal favourite is Game Simulation. I tried playing Township (a farming game) and lasted 60 consecutive days of late night opening my computer only to beat my record. The first days were… More Speaking of Games

I Feel Sorry For

Sometimes, it’s easier to make a story you can live on than to accept what is the reality. You are bound to your own emotions and opinions, ignoring what’s on the bigger picture. As if it’s you against the world, yet you force others to join on your self-made box. You protest about your feelings… More I Feel Sorry For

Find Me

Finding yourself is somewhat challenging. You’ll end up having several trial and errors. Throughout the journey, there’ll be misfortunes, misfits, luck and bets. I guess it’s up to us to know what we are made up of. Sometimes, finding ourselves may lead us to expand our capacities and capabilities. It might follow our plan, take… More Find Me

Dear Diary

Dear diary, Today was normal. Birds chirped happily on a tree nearby. Leaves crunched when I step on them. Sun rays made my brows knit. The air was not dense. Cars roared as loud. The city was busy and people were scattered all around. My day went by smoothly. I’m happy about it. But I… More Dear Diary

Human Instinct

I wonder why people change their attitude based on other people’s character. How drastic a man can alter from a face to another. Is it human instinct? Our mind is a mess. If a man looks happy and bright, we can easily smile in their presence. When they look sinister, a whole new appearance cover… More Human Instinct

Am I Brave?

I tell myself what I truly feel. I confess my doubts. But am I brave enough?In fact, I can’t reach the things that make me happy. I’m not that brave to say what I think. Maybe that’s how I should be since I had the courage to show my name. My virtue. I show my… More Am I Brave?