From the Start

I guess it’s time to grow up. Everything happens for a reason. Every litigations and arguments will not lead ONLY to destructions. It can be the start of a new beginning. New knowledge. Deeper understanding. Bigger trust and respect. Unwind and reset. The mind do not want to be exhausted or forced to do things… More From the Start

Another Step

If you remember, I am going through a hair journey from heat damaged hair to my natural curls. It was almost a year since I’ve cut my hair short to save excess product I put on my hair. My ends were healthy but they needed to go. Now, after so many doubts about cutting the… More Another Step

How To Be Creative

Being creative has been one of the most important parts of life. You can have unlimited things to do, many possible jobs to get, grades to achieve and most of all you can have a hobby. Here are some tricks on how to be creative: 1. Know What You Want. Not everyone knows what he wants… More How To Be Creative

Let It All Out

A lot of things can stop people from letting their inner self out. Insecurities, jealousy, pride, and hatred are some. They don’t contribute a good effect for people to share what’s really inside of them. They’ll always cause people to keep for themselves. And to not feel the need of telling anyone their problems (especially when… More Let It All Out

Breaking The Distance

There are so many emotions in this world: happiness, joy, excitement, sadness, fear… Everything. They are felt by a different person with different stories. Special for everyone concerned. People come and go. Some stay and most leave. Roads keeping them away from their loved ones and so is the time in between every trip. Arriving and… More Breaking The Distance

Blogger’s Life

Great ideas, inspirations, people roaming around, things near or far, places that are found, information needed, hobby, books, movies, love, etc… These are most of the things a blogger needs to consider before putting their hearts into writing. But most of the time, their thoughts are blank. Nothing but pitch black or blinding white. Or even a… More Blogger’s Life