My cat has been lost for almost a week now. He came back for one day and then gone the next. I didn’t have the chance to properly say goodbye. Is he eating? Where does he drink? Does he poo? He doesn’t take a piss anywhere but their litter box. Is he doing just fine?… More I AM FRUSTRATED

If All Else Fails

If all else fails, have the faith that something good will happen in the end.That is the circle of life. This evening, my sister and I went to the bus station together. We were waiting for a line 45 bus. In the application, the bus will arrive at 20:37 and on the clock was still… More If All Else Fails

Natural Hair Journey

I hated my natural curls. Of course. That’s where all hair journeys started. When I was young, I imagined having long straight shiny hair without frizz. One factor of this hatred was toxic people who only knew how to mock people with different hair types. When I was already on the “right age“ to destroy… More Natural Hair Journey

Free Soul

My worst nightmare came to life… Do you remember “My Cat Abandoned Me”? Summary: one day my cat didn’t come back home and I couldn’t find him anywhere. But when I got out of the house, another family was waiting there and my cat got out of the house and went straight to the strangers.… More Free Soul

Another Step

If you remember, I am going through a hair journey from heat damaged hair to my natural curls. It was almost a year since I’ve cut my hair short to save excess product I put on my hair. My ends were healthy but they needed to go. Now, after so many doubts about cutting the… More Another Step

I Will Never Forget

There was a small familiar bark I heard through my headphones. A voice I will never forget. The one who turned my whole life to who I am now. My first dog. Her name is Gaia. The story begins six years ago when I thought different about animals. I have had a few animals around… More I Will Never Forget