Return the Favor

Did anyone question your rights just because it is not convenient for them? Then you are not alone. I wish I can do everything I want anywhere I need and anytime I have. But that is not the case. My time isn’t mine anymore. It’s as if I don’t own myself. The thing is that… More Return the Favor

Another Path

Rejection is part of the process for your journey to success. You won’t know what will happen if you stop now. If anyone didn’t want you in their life, take the next route and move on. It’s easier said than done but it’s already another path to overcome and explore. Pursuing your dreams is not… More Another Path


Twenty years. It was twenty long years of rejection. No one seemed to bother. She accepted her fate. Her whole life, no one dared to choose her first. She didn’t have a chance to become a wanted playmate in a game match when she was ten. Everybody wanted her sister. She was not good enough… More Rejected

Living a Lie

All my life I’ve been living a single lie… I was hiding behind a face not farfrom who I am, yet still not the same.I’m controlled by my self-esteem,or, I don’t know, it dominated the game.I’m looking through a stranger’sreflection, not even mine to tame,I struggled with desperation to be seenand to get me back… More Living a Lie