Manage Time

Doing things when it’s convenient for you is a waste of time. There are several cons of not managing your time. I know these because I’m living it. Though I’m trying to change my ways, I want to keep a good set of goals for my time management. It will also be the best way… More Manage Time

In This Together

This is an open love letter: Dear love, When I first met you, there was a strange pull that kept on dragging me towards you. You were my first crush that lasted for two long years without anyone noticing it. There were other boys cuter than you and younger than you that had caught my… More In This Together

For Keeps

A built relationship with someone can only be crashed based on its foundation. If you are in a relationship, say it’s a friend, a family or a lover, there will always be ones for keeps. They are the ones who know you from the sole of your dark mysterious side to the top of the… More For Keeps

Kinda Weird

There was a bunch of weird stuff happened today. First, I woke up with a weird dream. It was about aliens, or so I think. I took my phone and surf through my Facebook newsfeed before doing my house chores. On the way to the bus stop, I saw this tree. It was wide and… More Kinda Weird