Summer Air

I thought June was the warmest month of the year. Today is unbelievable. The air is sticky and so does ventilators.

For this weather, you want to take a shower to be fresh. But when you go out, even right after you get out of the water, nothing changes. It becomes even hotter.

We had the windows wide open and 2 fans to cool down the room. It is still a 90:10 proportion of sweating to having actual fresh air. Air conditioning would be the best option but the budget is too low for it.

Outside is not an exception. There is a cool breeze once in a while but it doesn’t mean you can have a good night sleep outside. Because there are too many mosquitoes to bite you. The best thing to do is to sleep and let the night pass by.

Tomorrow I will use my longboard to get to my destination because it has been a long time since I used it. Anyways, the bike on the featured image isn’t mine.

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