Stuck on the Road

Did you ever hate the red light on the street in the morning? Well, it happened to me one time. Every Sunday, I was always the first one to arrive in church. But last Sunday, my time management was a little off.

I woke up later than expected. So my time adjustment didn’t go well. I was walking to the bus stop when the first bus I must take for a 1-hour trip has already parted. I was not mad about it. The second bus waited for another fifteen minutes before starting.

I didn’t mind waiting for another fifteen minutes at the terminal. In fact, I was playing with my phone while listening to music. The worst thing happened after. The basic rule I have learned on the road was: “The earlier you travel, the less possibility you get stuck on the road.” And I don’t learn.

There were so many stoplights on the way to our church. One after another. The weird thing though was the stoplight’s distance would be one hundred meters apart and there were five of them. Time was running out.

After the longest hour of my day, I arrived safely to church but I didn’t arrive first.

“The early bird catches the worm.” It’s a quote everyone must remember. Even I should keep that in mind. I hope you all caught a lesson.

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