Stroll Down Memory Lane

Every so often I like to go through my diaries and take a stroll down memory lane.

There are words describing my day and how I ended up doing things. I remember them with every word. The air feels warmer and I couldn’t hide my mixed emotions. I can feel the sincerity of hope and excitement. It all started with notebooks and pens. With a pour of heart and shed of tears, it was all worth it.

In these hardware diaries, I am embarrassed as to confess about my daily routine. How I took a bath as often as not. About my scalp being crazy itchy after five days of not washing it. My teacher’s opinions about me and my school activities. My crush(es). The ups and downs I’ve been through. How I overcame it all and be the person I am today.

I wrote.

In these journals was the beginning of my “hopeless romantic” moments with the person I am with now. The conversations I am willing to take with me everywhere I go. I wrote about how I met him and how wrong we felt for each other but eventually we solved it by fighting for what we do want. The end of my conversation with a notebook who only listens to my rants and problems.

I do not need it anymore because I can finally talk openly to someone without him judging me. And besides, I have my own online journal to rant to. Anyone who can read my journal can probably answer to me personally. And to be honest, I have learned a lot through these journals.

Hopefully, I inspire more writers to be bold and honest with your true self because you can hide what you are but you cannot run from it. Hope you enjoy yet another of my #dailyjournal (every weekday).

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