Street Tragedy

I have been having weird dreams lately. The last one was this afternoon. Before I went to a quick nap, my chest hurt and it was difficult to breathe. After a couple of minutes, I felt better and little did I know I was dreaming.

The dream started long before the weird part. I am not a lucid dreamer so I always considered my dreams as reality and I lived in them. I was riding a bus and watching my favourite anime on my phone. There were people standing and I was one of them. My cp was placed on the back of a chair and the episode of that anime was about to end. Someone near my phone sobbed and told me that the episode was so touching and she really felt that. It was a fun experience and heartwarming. The bus stopped at some point and there were beeping cars and shouting people outside. When I looked at what was happening, a terrible tragedy.

An accident.

I leaned outside the bus’ window, my heart pumped so bad I thought it was going to pop. There were unconscious bodies all around. Some car was also upside down with people inside, not moving. The street was bathed with blood. I refused to go outside or even look. Not until I realized that my phone was not where I left it. The girl who was watching with me suddenly disappeared too. I saw her go out of the vehicle alone. There, without a second thought, I was ready to confront her and get my phone back. I did reach for the phone in her pants and hurried back to the bus. Little did I know, my phone was at the back of my pants all along. That was when I realized I have got the wrong phone with me.

The next scene was that we are already home. The living room has its own television, sofa and a little book museum. I want to call the girl on her phone but I didn’t know what to do. After a few hours, someone has their name on the list of guests and guess what? It was the girl from the bus. I didn’t know how she knew my address and how she contacted us. I woke up and I couldn’t remove it in my head.

It was weird enough that I could still remember the main parts excluding the specific details. I don’t know the meaning of this but if you can explain to me I will gladly accept and listen to them.

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