Strava Escape Plan

Last week, Strava updated me with a September challenge. It is called the Escape Plan. The only rule is to be active for 5 days a week in 4 consecutive weeks. A 15-minute workout per day is required to call it done.

Since today is September 2nd, I decided to get active almost immediately. I didn’t have to go out to my bf’s house because my sister should get to review for her test tomorrow and I needed to tutor her. But before everything else, I wanted to finish my first day of the challenge.

My bicycle was at my boyfriend’s house so it is not an option to ride my way to the finish line. So I decided to walk. I talked to my sister and I let her come with me for at least a quarter of an hour. She did.

I put on some sweating clothes and leggings (I don’t have proper clothing for running/jogging). The improvised dress helped me with my walk. It is not too tight, not too loose and not so heavy either. I walked for at least 3km from and to our house. Some of it was running and jogging. At least a minute or 2 of it. And I did it for more or less 30 mins. It was longer than I intended to do but it was worth it.

The walk was worth it because I ate adobo right after at lunch and then also adobo for dinner. Work out invalid. But at least I worked out-

The challenge lasts for a month. It is easier than most of the challenges I saw on the Strava app. At least I know I can do it. In the next rounds, I will upgrade my game and get more badges.

That is it for this blog. Updates will come soon.

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