I started a Non-foaming shampoo and I loved it!

Disclaimer: This is not a paid advertisement or endorsement. I only like the product because of its proven results based on my personal preferences.

First of all, I want to give five stars to L’Oréal Paris for this incredible product. The shampoo is called L’Oréal Paris Elvive New Low Shampoo no foaming no sulfates.

I tried to look for online reviews of this product. Some of them are from Google and most are from YouTube. I only saw negative comments and I disagree.

Most of my life, I used normal shampoos for straight hairs. I didn’t know I needed to be more careful in choosing products I put on my hair. As a textured hair woman, I was unaware that curls needed to be treated properly for it to be perfect.

I started my hair journey/transition in the first months of 2018.

  • The first thing I did in 2017 was I stopped visiting the salon for a whole year (because I wanted my hair to be permanently straightened). But I still used flat irons every week.
  • After a year of abusing my hair, I removed using heat (hairdryers, straighteners) for a few months. My hair was damaged and brittle. My ends were literally straws.
  • During this transition, I put my waist-long hair into two sided braids for beach waves every weekend. But in the weekdays, I let it be whatever it wanted to be.
  • August last year, we went to the Philippines to have a vacation. There, I did my not-so-big chop. The salon made a normal shoulder length cut and they straightened my hair using heat. *facepalm*
  • The next days, I did not use heat or any other harmful chemicals for my hair and let my hair air dried up until these days.
  • I began getting aware of my curls and followed the curly girl method. Starting from removing sulfates and silicons out of my life.
  • At first, I tried a biological shampoo with no sulfates. And when I got back to the store to buy more of that brand, it is already sold out.
  • Then I found out about L’Oréal Paris’ Low Shampoo. I bought two.

When I initially used the last product, I was disappointed because there was no foam formed. Then I read the label “no foaming no sulfate”. I was fooled. But I still continued to use the product because I do not have any other choice.

But I have been using it for two months now AND I saw good results. Now that I use a non-foaming shampoo, my head seemed more alive and shiny. It is embarrassing to say this but I feel cleaner because there are no traces of dandruff anymore. I have finally found a solution for my long term dandruff hair problem.

For the reviewers I watched and encountered, YOU WILL NOT SEE THE RESULT AFTER YOU USED IT ONE TIME.

Been there, done that.

A transition takes time and so is changing your hair routine products.

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