Start of Work

Today started my work. My purpose in getting a job is not just to save money for the big day but also for a better job experience. I had part-time jobs that allowed me to get a small amount of money for a 1-day shoot and 1-month editing (videographer in WOW Photography and Events). There is also a small job where I create a website for a client. It did not sustain my monthly phone load and bus ticket but at least I have a good amount of knowledge to what I can do and cannot.

It was a normal activity except I had to stand up for 6 hours and then do house chores but is done continuously. What I should be doing at home (clean, wash the dishes, make coffee, clean the aisle, refill the refrigerator with drinks, take the trash out, fill the orders, make juice, etc), I do it in the bar. It was tiring but at the same time, I enjoy the activity. At least my coordination is tested. ALSO MY MEMORY. I am not very good at memorizing things. It is not my fortè.

My only surprise is that my boss is not as bad as I thought she was. She is calm and collected. When I do something wrong, she corrects me calmly. She thought me everything I need to know in just one day. Although I have to memorize everything from the start tomorrow, I am not disappointed. She is a good boss. Or maybe because I am still new and I do not know her that well.

My first day was a success. I can tell. But there was this man. He always orders a big Heineken Beer. Then one time, he wanted to order another and when I went to see him, he told me that he wanted to get my number because he wants to give me another job. I told him I was new in the working area and I do not wish to get out of there immediately let alone give my number to a complete stranger just for another job. I ignored him multiple times. At that moment, I had a very bad feeling. And I felt violated. I am not as easy as any woman he encountered. I have a decision of my own. And he can kiss his job for all I know.

Anyways, that is it for today. I am just happy to have my first day of work a success. Anything happen tomorrow will be another blog to tell. Good evening!

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