Stars Lie

I was walking down a dark alley when I noticed bright shimmers on the ground. It looked familiar and it was almost relaxing. Yet the sky was dull due to light clouds. Stars lie.

Beams from the night lamps strike the silver glitters on the frozen grass. It seemed like the stars were lying when they’re spread among the bed of green turf.

The city was sprinkled with led lights and yellow strikes. When I looked up, the sky was dark. I don’t see any dots of night orbs scattered uo there. Stars lie.

The light from the cars moved like shooting stars. Red, yellow and green lights alternated continuously. It was a splendid view down when the sky was in dusk.

We can see that almost everything can be mistaken for one thing. It might mean more than the other. But most especially, stars do not disappear from the sky. As long as we believe there is still hope, everything will be fine in the end. Let’s be grateful for what life is giving us.

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