Speaking of Games

Speaking of games, there are varieties of categor I enjoy playing. I can go from strategic to logical to mind and simulation games.

My personal favourite is Game Simulation. I tried playing Township (a farming game) and lasted 60 consecutive days of late night opening my computer only to beat my record. The first days were fast but as time goes by the progress slowed down. I synced the game on my boyfriend’s computer and he saw me play it. He suggested a better simulation game: Sim City build it. I was refused for a couple of minutes but ended up installing it on his tablet.

Smartphone game

I enjoy every minute of playing this game. He told me what I can and cannot do. The building must be closer to each other. Industrial buildings must be far far away from the residents. Listen to what the simoleons’ complaints and rants. I did what he said and learned from my mistakes. But since it was on his tablet, I can only play it when I go to their house. I always check on my sims and almost ignored him totally. He complained and mocked me for taking that sh*t seriously.

After a week or two, he asked me to reset my progress and install it on my phone so I can play whenever I want to. It took me several days to reconsider and connected the game to Facebook because that’s the only way to sync it without resetting. And here is my progress after almost two months of playing.

All my residential buildings protected by a Police Station, a Hospital and a Fire Station.
Here are my Industrial and Commercial Buildings separated from the residents. I also made sure that pollution is minimized. (Power, Sewage, and Waste Management).

If I were to become the mayor of one real city, I wouldn’t be a good one. That for sure I can conclude. Sim City simulation can be similar to a true city but this is way too fast and too controllable. I may or may not accomplish my duties as a simulator but with real people with different personalities and beliefs, I doubt my ability to control.

Anyways, does anyone have a Sim City? I needed some materials. Comment down below what you think about simulation games.

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