Singing Taught Me

“That song is not good enough.”

“The melody is too slow.”

Rhythm lacks on this song.”

“Oh my. I don’t like this song. Too old.”

“Eh, there is no power in this song.”

Every song is written for a certain occasion and a chosen audience. It is not composed to please everyone. But one thing is for sure: without emotions, a song is just a bunch of unexpressed words joined together.

I am not a fan of certain songs myself. It does not reach my taste of music. But how the writer pours its soul into the song is transmittable. The pressure is how someone can lead a written story into something realistic.

As a recent song leader, I often get inspired by other song leaders.

Most singers I watch is from Christian bands like Planetshakers, Jesus Culture, Elevation Music, Hillsong, etc. They became a big influence for me to reach a level of confidence I am in now. And most especially, I learn more from the song leaders in our own church. I took lessons from watching them lead. How they make a song powerful. When do they need to add dynamics. The timing must be perfect. But I did not learn how to be a better singer just by watching.

I have learned a lot of songs throughout the years that I am in the Music Team. It led me to write a personal song composition. And there are some of my favourites because they SOUND potent. Then there are those I find less attractive because they are not my type.


Every song needs a voice. And every voice has its own song. I learned that every song ever created requires a great amount of voice power for it to be maximized to its full power. Be to it a slower peaceful pace or a faster powerful timing.

The song needs to be expressed by great emotions and it is up to the song leader how they exert an effort to do so.

From now on, leading a Praise and Worship session needs to be sure and confident because, without these two, a song won’t be enough.

Hello everyone!
I am adding a new category in my daily journal. It is a series called: “Taught Me”. Wherein I will write my experiences about a certain topic and how it affected my perspective in life.

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