She Went Berserk

Berserk-i. (adjective) out of control with anger or excitement, wild or frenzied

I went berserk…
Same shit, different day.
I’m uncontrollable. I get angry. I get wild. I even decided my fate but the same crap happens over and over.

My head hurts…
I covered a chasm.
But I still fall in the same hole. I’m freaking buried with every burden I carry. This is not enough.

My body’s numb…
Wounds ached my skin.
I was healed but the scars remained. They are open once again, life’s a game. Why won’t they end?

Mind burned crisp…
My thoughts are gibberish.
I can’t think straight. I am dull. Only the light of another day is my hope. I wish. I just wish for another way.

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