See Through

see through

you ever

Well, I’ve DREAMT about it. A lot.
No talking.
No dramas.
No nothing.

Just standing in four walls, concealed.

But then I’ve always wanted to talk in front of people, to be recognized and to be seen. So much for someone who once wanted to be hidden.

Even so, I don’t have the courage. I don’t have the appeal. I’ve dreamt of inspiring everyone who can hear me and see the passion stirring inside me. I wanted to take it all out in the open, but the door just won’t budge.

I guess I’m not helping. I’m into myself too much I don’t realize I was exaggerating things. I just want to talk, to encourage, to evangelize in a way that everyone can relate to. To change just the way I was changed. But I’m not strong. Not enough to make a way.

Then it came to me. I don’t make the way. God will. I just have to let Him be. We make mistakes, we do things that make Him angry, and He will still forgive us. We just need to be who He wants us to be.

If we think that the path is too thin to walk through or the water is too deep to fall into, just remember there is always someone who can see through us even in times of trouble.

Let me hear your thoughts!