Return the Favor

Did anyone question your rights just because it is not convenient for them? Then you are not alone.

I wish I can do everything I want anywhere I need and anytime I have. But that is not the case. My time isn’t mine anymore. It’s as if I don’t own myself. The thing is that I am as flexible but not them for me.

Do I have to be specific? No! What is favor? Is it only one-sided? I can do everything I should because I am not tied into something I am not attached to. How could anybody abuse someone who puts effort in everything they do?

There are things you should better keep for yourself. Why would anybody question what you believe in? Do they have the right to make fun of you? Your privileges should be your first priority and if you see them abused, you should know your worth.

Favors. Should you give them for free? Maybe. But it doesn’t mean you should allow yourself to be used. Get used. Know your rights. And know your worth.

Let me hear your thoughts!