There are times I recall my Philippines travel experience. I did not worry about anything and anyone but myself. It was indeed an unforgettable event for me.

After five years of thinking about school, I have decided to go to the Philippines with my boyfriend and his mom to take a one month vacation. I never thought travelling would be that fun. The days I stayed there, I’ve met new people. We stayed at his sister’s house and the culture in the city is far complicated than a life in the province. The things I imagined were a lot different than what it really is living there, away from my hometown.

Except for talking in “Tagalog”, the national language, all the time, I lived a life of being a city girl. Going out early and returning home late. The best thing about it is that as the night gets deeper, the crowd gets bigger. Unlike in the country side where the night is still young and everybody’s safely home.

I am not complaining. It was a nice experience and a good feeling to try something new. That was not a life I am going to enjoy in the long run but I liked it. And I hope to experience more of it in the near future.

Do you guys enjoy city life or do you prefer silence in the province? Comment down below! See you guys next week for a more experience-based journal. Thanks for stopping by.

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