Twenty years.

It was twenty long years of rejection. No one seemed to bother. She accepted her fate.

Her whole life, no one dared to choose her first. She didn’t have a chance to become a wanted playmate in a game match when she was ten. Everybody wanted her sister. She was not good enough to become an ally. In high school, the other boys ignored her. Nobody spoke to her.

She found a boy who wanted to become her boyfriend, but in the end, it wasn’t because of love. He used her to get close to someone else. The girl had enough and chose to let go. Years passed by and her guy best friend became more than a friend. They were good buddies because of music but his ex-girlfriend wanted to get back with him. He told the girl to “pause” their relationship and get back when things got clearer. Instead of compromising, she rejected the boy rather than become the snake in “their” relationship and moved on with her life.

In college, she became more matured than she was. Or so she thought. Someone two years older than the girl became one of the most important people in her life. It was about five months since she met him. Her feelings grew bigger by day. She finally opened up her feelings in a truth-or-dare game then everybody else had a second thought. The girl suspected something. After a week, she found out that the guy had a girlfriend and he played her heart. She was heartbroken that she cursed every man. Since then, she did not find a reason to be serious.

She had enough.

In further studies, she was seen as “the weak one”. In gym class, she was always the last one to get chosen. The room was filled by students who didn’t care about her existence. It was as if she wasn’t there. Group projects that needed to be in with someone they chose was her least favourite. She did not belong in anyone’s circle.

Yet, the rejection made her stronger. She knew she would get arrogant if she was always the chosen one. Her heart would still be weak if she did not go through all its broken pieces. She would be fragile without the challenges she went through. Independent wouldn’t be on her list of strong points if she always depended on everybody else.

Being rejected has its own upside. You just need to choose the brighter side because everybody has them. It’s up to you how you handle it.

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