Reaction The 100 Pilot *Spoiler Alert!*

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PILOT Reaction

Okay, so let’s start from the beginning. (Meaning of Terms* and Character Reactions are written after PILOT Reaction)

*Spoiler alert! If you don’t want terms from Season 1, Season 2 and Season 3 to come up, just stop. If you don’t want spoilers, please back off. I know how you’ll feel. Just. PLEASE. I don’t want you to regret reading it. Especially Murphy. He’s NOT the bad guy.*

The 100* has the most epic Pilot I have ever seen in my entire movie-watching life. I don’t expect what was happening and it gets better and better. The plot talks about 100 kids (minors) from the Ark* that were sent to the earth as a sacrifice to see if it’s survivable after they left a radiation-filled earth for a century because of nuclear bombs. In the Ark, if you break a law and you’re still a minor, you will have to be held in custody; if you’re not a minor, well, you’ll get floated*.

The movie starts with the main characters: Clarke (daughter of one of the council in the Ark and most probably the leader of the 100), Finn (a Skywalker who led 2 kids dead landing on earth), Bellamy (an assassin, probably), and Octavia (the girl found under the floor, sister of Bellamy). Then there’s Monty and Jasper (2 best friends). Wells, best friend of Clarke and the son of the Chancellor* went to the ground with them because he wanted to know if Clarke is still angry with him for giving her father up to the court which was the reason he was floated. (But eventually, he’s not the culprit but it was Clarke’s mom)

It escalated quickly when, instead of Mount Weather*, they landed on the wrong mountain and they needed to go through a radiation-soaked forest just to get to their next meal. So Clarke gathers her squad to go there with her. So there’s Finn, Jasper and Monty, Octavia and Clarke who, as a group, went to search for this mountain to gather supplies. If you ever get a chance to be in that movie, would you take the offer? Because I wouldn’t.

Then there’s Bellamy who didn’t want anyone from the Ark to follow them on the ground because he shot the Chancellor (the leader of the Ark) so he led the others to remove their wristbands* starting with Murphy and other kid with him. So while Bellamy started his wicked plan, the group of Clarke went to Mount Weather to gather food and supplies for all of them. You can see that Jasper was attracted to Octavia but the girl had an eye for Finn and just like every love story plot twists, Finn seems to like Clarke. *Spoiler* And Monty, well, he won’t have anyone until Season 3.

The story continues as Bellamy wanting to remove all the wristband including Wells’. Of course, the son of the Chancellor won’t take it off by choice and as expected, this known assassin gather his party to take it from him. Clarke, Finn, Octavia, Jasper, and Monty walked into the forest and they didn’t find living creatures anywhere until they saw a deer. Unfortunately, it has 2 heads and it freaked out the life off of me because I had my earphones on and the sound effect was so frugal.

As they continue to go towards the mountain, and across the river, Jasper wanted to show off to Octavia and wanted to be there first. He got there by a rope of something of a tree. I don’t think it’s possible for a tree to have something like that but it just came out of nowhere. Then when it’s Clarke’s turn to go to the other side, the rope suddenly reappears and it’s not the same anymore. Where did it come from? How can they all go without finishing all of the tree roots? I wondered. So Jasper, on the other side of the river, found the sign that says “Welcome to Mount Weather!” He raised it in his arm and unfortunately, exposing his bare chest, he was thrown by a flying arrow buried on his chest.

That’s when they believe they are not alone. (aka, they’re with the grounders*) That’s only the first part of the story and everybody’s dead. You read that right. The first part of the story and everybody’s dead. But please, don’t be alarmed. More of them will be *wink*.

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Meaning of Terms

  • The Ark – group of people flew in the universe after knowing that the Earth will become radiated from nuclear bombs. (back to top)
  • get floated – a death sentence in the Ark by floating the accused in the open universe. It’s also a curse, eg. “Go float yourself!” or “float you!” which basically means “go f*** yourself!” or “f*** you!”. (back to top)
  • Chancellor – The leader of the Ark. (back to top)
  • The 100 – the kids convicted of various crimes are sent to earth as a sacrifice to see if the earth is survivable after a nuclear apocalypse devastated the surface of Earth. (back to top)
  • wristbands – the ark uses these to calculate vitality status of the 100. (back to top)
  • Mount Weather – in the ark, the Chancellor said that to survive, they needed the supplies given to them by this mountain and they have to be there on the landing. But as the story continues, the 100 landed on the wrong mountain and to literally get there, they needed to go through so much that they get so close to each other. This mountain is where mountain men are. But their story won’t be revealed until Season 2. (back to top)
  • Grounders – Survivors on earth. Their only battles gears were spears, arrows, swords, etc. They have no guns or bombs compared to the Sky People. The people from the ark believes that they are the last people who weren’t able to immigrate before the nuclear explosions. (back to top)

Character Reaction

character octavia

Octavia Blake is the most badass girl character. This character seems to have the most dramatic character shift in this story. She started from being a kid who is always protected by his brother to the woman she was meant to be.

*SPOILER* After Octavia met Lincoln (a grounder), she wasn’t the same. This girl became more mature and taking her choices seriously and accepting the consequences of her decisions. (back to top)

character bellamy

Bellamy Blake, however, is my most favorite character of all. Not because he looks sexy and hot, but because he is. He’s the apple of my eyes and the most influential character in the story.

He looks so tough but deep inside he is so soft I wanted to keep him warm in my arms. His sister, his responsibility. And he does everything just to protect his sister. And sometimes he is getting in trouble because of his choices. (back to top)

character Clarke

Clarke Griffin (on the first part of this telefilm, I didn’t like Clarke. I didn’t see her as their leader because she didn’t seem to be so powerful. As the story starts to reach its climax though, she drastically became my favorite character) She’s definitely a “SURPRISE, SURPRISE” kind of character shift of them all.

I don’t need to tell you what happened but you will see that in Season 3 (btw, a part of it is in Season 2). Still, my favorite character and she is soooo good with Bellamy. I want them to be together, to be partners and I literally cried knowing that they couldn’t be with each other. I don’t want to know if she is not interested in him because I still have hopes that they will be lovers in the next seasons. Anything can happen in a movie. (back to top)

character jasper

Jasper Jordan & Monty Green, well… These guys have the same character with each other. Maybe because they are best friends and I think they get their humor being together.

character monty

The story will be so boring without them and the main characters would all be dead. I really like Jasper. He gets the most epic fails and he’s the funniest until Maya came. But still the first part of Season 2 he is so funny. And Monty got his shine in Season 3. (back to top)

character finn

Finn Collins is frankly my least favorite character. (he’s sexy and hot but no, I just don’t have vibe around him. I don’t trust him after what I knew he did with Clarke) But still, he has a big role for this group. He is smart and handsome.

You can tell that because Clarke started to love him *back*. And he is so arrogant that I don’t want a boy character to have. He had a girlfriend (Raven Reyes) but still hanging out with an innocent girl. He made Clarke who she is now. And I hate it. He broke her. He let her be who she is now. But the story won’t be so interesting without him. Without anyone to ruin the vibes of the story. (back to top)

character murphy

John Murphy. Well… Murphy is Murphy. I wouldn’t argue with that. I hated him, pitied him but in the end, he is still the victim of accuse. He’s just being who he is. One of my most favorite character in this movie. (back to top)

character raven

Raven Reyes, I wouldn’t count her as the “girlfriend” of Finn because she’s too good for him. She’s so smart and I would really recommend you to watch until Season 3 because you would definitely love her.


Everything I told here is in my opinion. I accept what others think of it and what the movie really is all about. I just think it is a very great telefilm that I would rewatch it from the beginning until I have something to watch again. Hope you enjoy. Until my next blog!

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