Random Beauty

I have been planning on taking photos of random things while walking on the street. My inspiration was when I and my bf started having random photo walks. I can freely express myself as a photographer with random things rather than people. There was a photo I posted on my Instagram (photo below) and someone made a comment about how I saw beauty in random things. It made my day and I aim to inspire more people to see beauty in random things.

May Street
on the way to the station and I saw this interesting post

Since I’m on the topic, I tried to capture more random things with my phone camera. Here are the final results:

Every photo is beautiful and meaningful. It’s up to the photographer to interpret it with his imagination. I am still looking forward to making the best out of my limitations and to express how I feel about my photography game progress.

What do you think? Comment down below.

Random posts on my #dailyjournal

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