Queen of the Mountain

Starting a bike commute is one way of cutting off unnecessary expenses, unwanted fats, waiting time, and most especially traffic. I officially began cycling on the last day of July 2019. My main reason was to eliminate the need for bus commuting because I lose more time waiting than actually getting on the bus.

Today is my 5th day of riding the bike to and from my destinations. It cuts me at least 10 minutes of boring waits. I trained my legs on daily cycling along the river of Po.

And then today, I became an unexpected queen.

The ride to the start of the Cyclocross area is normal. It was my normal path on the first days of bike riding. When we stopped at the bridge and down the fountain of water, I started to warm my legs up. Before breaking a record, I wanted to be familiarized with the segment. It was a one-kilometre off-road path made especially for the bike I use. This area is surrounded by green trees and grass. On the other side of the road is a long way to Parco Valentino.

After my surveillance, we went to another shot of the segment. We gave all-out energy to beat an existing record in the Strava app.

The second time we went down that segment, I went from a 3:37 minutes effort to a raging 2:42 minutes.

On the way home, I wanted to train my legs even more and we went to 2 short downhill trials (2 seconds descend). And on the other parts, I decided to get my legs warm down. Enough for today’s workout.

When we got home, my bf wanted to know if he broke the record of the all-time men’s of 2:31 sec. His time was 2:30 seconds. He saw that he is the King of the Mountain. Then after a while of editing about my post privacies, I became the Queen of the Mountain. I kicked out the 1st honour of a 3:34 seconds.

Instantly, after 5 days of training, I had my first crown. I wish I could do better. Anyways, I decided to train myself in that area at least this summer. And I will see at the end of the month what results this training got me.

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