Project 365

Months Accomplished


January - Random Photography

This is the start of my first ever Photography project! With no plan, no idea and no skills in photography. I expected nothing. Twenty-one days to finish and I'm ready for my next stop.

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February - Something Red (for love)

I'm happy with my January photos but I am also looking for more thrills. A goal. This is the month of love so I am planning to try a photography project with something red for spicing up my photography game.

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March - Portrait Photography

I DISLIKE PORTRAITS. Well, at least not my fortè. As a part of my photography project, I will do it as a challenge. And I hope I will survive this month.

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April - Macro Photography

April: the month of BLOOM. I am agitated for a challenge and I look forward to taking my 12mm on a date and a real struggle. Wide Angle Lens vs Macro Photography. Let's see how it goes.

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May - Street Photography

I enjoy street photography, buildings, cars and anything out on the road. May is already getting warmer and being on the streets in the morning won't be a labour. This is a must see photo so stay tuned!

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June - Nature Photography

A month before my birthday. It is a good time to take photos of the existence of nature (visible to the eye): photos of trees, lakes, rivers, and other nature's art.

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July - Party Photography

BIRTH MONTH! And since I'm celebrating my double-digit age (22), I will definitely dedicate this month to party colours photography. I also like to impart my idea about "twin-objects" because I LOVE twins.

-- Coming Soon in July --

August - Travel Photography (Philippines)

Since we are going to the Philippines this summer, I want to dedicate my time to my travel photography/documentary. 31 days to keep, 31 photos to remember. An article about my Philippines adventure coming soon.

-- Coming Soon in August --

September - Autumn Photography

The first month of Autumn/Fall. Time to capture photos symbolizing the Season. And since it's the start of working days here in Italy, I think I'll concentrate more on my project while looking for a part-time job.

-- Coming Soon in September --

October - Night Photography (Dawn-Twilight)

A good time to go out for night photography is when the sky is already dark at 4 pm! This is the 10th month of year and Winter is coming. Time to see the beauty of night photography.

-- Coming Soon in October --

November - Literature Photography

I don't know if it makes sense but what I mean by "Literature Photography" is books, writings, library, and anything that literally have something to deal with bind papers. And I LOOOVE books, I look forward to doing this project.

-- Coming Soon in November --

December - Christmas Photography

At school, I was struggling what to do with my December Project. So I asked my Classmate what word comes first to his mind when I say one word. After I told him "December", obviously, he said "Christmas". Since it's Christmas, I'll make the most out of this holiday season.

-- Coming Soon in December --