Project 365 – March

I'm changing my GEAR!!

From Minolta 35mm f2.8 lens to Samyang 12mm f2.0 lens

WHY? Creativity block. 35mm is not really my lens (and I am so disappointed because I LOVE THAT LENS) and I was challenged for these past 2 months. If I don't change lens now, I won't be able to finish the project. So for the rest of the year we're going WIDE!! *see what I did there? haha*

Other reasons: WIDE e-mount lenses are so hard to find, actually as of now this is the widest lens we found. I didn't want to take it off so I guess she's going to be my partner for the rest of the year.

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for the whole month of thinking "how about portrait?"

I'm going to continue my Photography Project for 365 days now using my camera Sony a6000, Samyang 12 mm f2.0 and VSCO photo editor.

The plan is still to keep my photography skills intact until I have nothing left to prove. Using only 1 lens, 1 camera, 1 editor and a passion to create an unforgettable memoir of my journey to still images.

This post is updated every single day for 365 days.
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Camera setup:

  • Sony a6000 Mirrorless Camera
  • Samyang 12mm f2.0 Full-manual Lens
  • A small amount of Cat magic

Preview Gallery

-- Photos will be in reversed chronological order based on uploading --

81. March 31, 2018 - corner (12mm)

last Portrait Photo for this month. I still hope to engage what I learnt this month on my Project for the rest of the year. See you tomorrow!
it doesn't look like what I was supposed to take but I love it.

80. March 30, 2018 - shook (12mm)

This was a portrait I made on the first day having my 12mm lens

79. March 29, 2018 - think (12mm)

I wanted to take a candid photo.

78. March 28, 2018 - smile (12mm)

a portrait of my classmate

77. March 27, 2018 - power (12mm)

This looks like he and his motorcycle are attached to each other.

76. March 26, 2018 - pogi rider (12mm)

He might clearly don't see how much I really like him.

75. March 25, 2018 - Sunday Roadtrip (12mm)

I told him I want to take a photo. He gave me more and made my day complete.

74. March 24, 2018 - claws (12mm)

cat just being cat curious

73. March 23, 2018 - pogi (12mm)

"picturan mo kami sa may bridge"

72. March 22, 2018 - food (12mm)

eating dinner with family

71. March 21, 2018 - dad at work (12mm)

dad working on something and I'm currently in need of "environmental photography".

70. March 20, 2018 - birthday girl (12mm)

the birthday girl is on fleak

69. March 19, 2018 - candid (12mm)

this is a candid photo of my past photo in March 12, 2018 (see #62)

68. March 18, 2018 - rain (12mm)

I told her to be herself under the rain. Then this happened

67. March 17, 2018 - passenger (12mm)

going to Unistem Day with schoolmates when I thought about doing urban photo

66. March 16, 2018 - urbane (12mm)

this was just a random photo of our School tour to Unistem day. Classmate.

65. March 15, 2018 - diluted (12mm)

pets especially cats are so hard to capture because they are all over the place and don't stop for at least 5seconds

64. March 14, 2018 - refined (12mm)

cropped photo of a photo taken later last week.

63. March 13, 2018 - super grampa (12mm)

I told him to look anywhere but my camera.

62. March 12, 2018 - innocent (12mm)

ambient light photo from my white background room

61. March 11, 2018 - headlight (12mm)

a car's head light as an only source of light

60. March 10, 2018 - Kapitan (12mm)

my boyfriend's dog. Now my dog, too.

59. March 09, 2018 - no dramas (12mm)

carefully cropped photo of a photo I took from March 07, 2018 (see #57)

58. March 08, 2018 - manaw (12mm)

My lovely handsome puma cat with stripes.

57. March 07, 2018 - staircase (12mm)

staircase negative

56. March 06, 2018 - maw (12mm)

I was just trying to convince myself that my lens was a fish-eye

55. March 05, 2018 - subway (12mm)

going home from vlogging.

54. March 04, 2018 - next stop (12mm)

taken from Dante when he's taking me home. One of my favourite first photos using my 12mm lens.

53. March 03, 2018 - opaque (35mm)

my last photo using my 35mm Minolta full manual lens after using it for 2months!

52. March 02, 2018 - city (35mm)

I'm struggling about taking photos with a telephoto lens. Changing it soon.

51. March 01, 2018 - fearless  (35mm)

I know I can do better than this one.


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