Project 365 – June

For the month of new beginnings

This month is a very special month for me because it reminds me of how my life has changed. Now, I'm planning to capture the rebirth of nature and how beautiful it is in my eyes by walking you through my lens. Using the same limits (1 cam, 1 lens, 1 emulator), I'll create a memory of my adventure to still images.

This post is updated every single day for 365 days.

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Camera setup:

  • Sony a6000 Mirrorless Camera
  • Samyang 12mm f2.0 Full-manual Lens
  • A small amount of Cat magic


Preview Gallery


-- Photos will be in reversed chronological order based on uploading --

157. June 15, 2018 - going out

June Nature
this is a photo from under a tree

156. June 14, 2018 - 3 leaves

June Nature
on the way to the center and I saw this cute sprout

155. June 13, 2018 - greeny

June Nature
green leaves on the way to center

154. June 12, 2018 - evergreen

June Nature
this is an evergreen tree under the sun

153. June 11, 2018 - pine

June Nature
carved names on a tree. Does it fade away?

152. June 10, 2018 - pine

June Nature
sprout of beauty in roots of dismay

151. June 09, 2018 - pine

June Nature
an acorn along the way

150. June 08, 2018 - small tree

June Nature
big plant, small tree. It depends how you see it.

149. June 07, 2018 - umbrella

June Nature
Yellow umbrella found in the midst of nature

148. June 06, 2018 - pink

June Nature
contrast to the first photo, this is open book

147. June 05, 2018 - fruit

June Nature
I don't really know if this is a flower or this is a fruit

146. June 04, 2018 - breathless

June Nature
it's a coincidence to see a breathless leaf in a lively bush

145. June 03 2018 - gradient

June Nature
this is a room with a mush.

144. June 02, 2018 - gradient

June Nature
beautiful nature into the woods all the way to my cats

143. June 01, 2018 - violet

June Nature
art of nature in a small way.

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