Product Review (Bilba Spuma)

So today is a special day for my not so little sister. I’m one year older than her but I’m smaller and shorter.

We have to go to dinner tonight. This morning, I went out to visit my pets. Then we went to the supermarket to buy some house needs. After a long day, I went home earlier than usual (at 7 pm).

When I got home, I needed to be ready for dinner. But before everything else, I decided to take a shower because I sweated a lot since the weather is hotter as summer approaches. I shampooed my hair and conditioned it as normal.

Then with my hair still soaking wet, I put on some oils and a styling foam from Bilba.

I left my hair alone and proceeded to dress up for tonight. The product works wonders if you asked me. I’ve been using this foam styling for about a month now. I used it before cutting my straight damaged ends. At first, I didn’t want how it makes my hair thick and hard. It is because I was not supposed to put it on straight hair. When I cut it short, I then tried to put some of it on my hair and was not disappointed.

After several uses, I was happy with the result. This photo was taken after my hair is 90% air-dried for about an hour.

(Sorry about my sister’s face. Btw she is not my birthday celebrant sister so don’t mind her.)

There was still casting around the curls and I needed to scrunch them out. But since I don’t have any clothes to scrunch it with, I waited until we got home.

My rating for this hair styling foam would be a good 8 out of 10. It nourishes my curly hair and makes it look shiny and luscious. The product remains on the hair for at least a day or two. It is an awesome styling choice.

The downside though is that when I tried to stop using it for 1 wash day (which is after at least 3 days), my hair’s moisture suddenly dropped from when I started using it. My ringlets didn’t behave as much as when I first cut my hair. I was disappointed but maybe it was only just a rule I forgot to follow. I don’t know. But more importantly, not all hair behaves the same way. So take it at your own risk.

I recommended this to all curly-haired girls. If you have a secret for your own hair, comment down below and let me know how I can successfully manage and tame my frizzy hair. Thank you!

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