Portrait Career

The worst part about being a photographer is to capture a section you are not comfortable with and being disappointed by the results. That is how I feel about portrait photography. From the start, I did not consider myself worthy to get paid for my portraits. They do not satisfy my starvation of my photography game. It challenges me more than anything else. This classification of photography requires the mixed ability to command and to connect. Since I consider myself an introvert, life is much easier with inanimate objects.

Once in highschool, my professor asked me if I do Photography. Everything else was gibberish and then he asked me to take a photo of his daughter. I was not ready so I rejected the offer and recommended my boyfriend, who is a true portrait photographer. That was the worst decision I have ever made. I told my boyfriend and he made a video about it. The truth is, I don’t know if I was offended or motivated. See for yourselves. (video at the end of this blog)

Today, I was on a quest for a friend. He asked me if I can take his portraits for personal use. My first instinct was to avoid the topic but I then realized something I did not years ago: Confidence is sexy. I won’t die for a bit of a challenge. We learn new things every day anyway.

Here’s a couple of portraits for today’s photowalk:

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Video vlog whole story revealed!
Ps. Tagalog video with english captions.

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