Perks and Cons of Being Funny

Being funny doesn’t always mean you are being funny. Sometimes, you’re laughed at without any reason (or at least you don’t know why.)

It’s even funnier how anybody would think that you could just pop out from nowhere and make them laugh. Or maybe you just cracked a joke without any sense at all and they showed an impressed look. Sometimes it’s not about how funny you are anymore. It’s about the impact you could give your audience that makes it more interesting.

Here are some of the perks and cons of being funny:


  • Everyone loves funny people. (we all know that)
  • You can just go out and make anybody laugh.
  • You could make friends easily.
  • Everyone wants to be friends with you.
  • You could easily approach anyone. (except if you’re a shy-funny type of person. it makes it more difficult to approach someone)
  • You’re a good speaker. (you know you are)
  • You can have a bunch of friends who are as funny as you are and you wouldn’t even care. You just love them, too.
  • There is a great possibility that everyone will listen to you.
  • If you’re lucky, someone may want to know you more.

Cons (there will always be cons)

  • They don’t know how you feel inside. (maybe you don’t want to be laughed at but that’s just how your impact is)
  • You won’t know if they only want you for your jokes or your personality. (but don’t stick on this. Of course, some would like you for your personality. It’s in the nature of funny people)
  • Most people want to be with you except when you’re sad and not being funny anymore.
  • People expect more from you.
  • One thing you say wrong, you’re down.
  • You don’t know yourself if you could make anyone laugh the same way when you last have the attention. (but it’s not that important)
  • You could have haters. *wink*

But besides all that, you don’t need to be somebody you’re not, right?

Everybody loves funny people. Different kinds of funny by different kinds of people. Don’t just refer to the perks and cons of being funny lists or anything because if you’re living your life as what you want it to then be it. The world has its own different kinds of characters.

The question is… What kind of funny are you?

Let me hear your thoughts!