People Do Care

I am touched about this video I saw on Facebook the other day.
It talks about a new boy hedgehog (a tiny cutey spiky mammal) who is very different from his other classmates (who are tiny lovely fluffy animals). As he walks on the way to his spot, he knocks chairs and tables. They don’t like to get near him because of his spikes. He is larger than most and would probably hurt them. On the bus, no one wants to sit next to him. He tried to play ball with them but ended up popping it. He won’t even get pushed from the swing.
On the school bus, he looks sad but a girl squirrel tried to make him sit next to her but it ended up hurting her as well. So he decided to go back on being alone.

As days go by he remained by himself. Far away from anyone. Winter came and he’s still on his own. One evening, everyone else walks out of the classroom leaving him alone inside, feeling left out. But when he got outside, everyone was waiting for him with a gift. He then opened the box and found nothing but pieces of styrofoam. Then each of them held one and placed it on his spikes. After concealing the sharp edges, they hugged him and he felt loved.

We sometimes think that we don’t belong. Or that we are hated because of our defects. We think of ourselves as inferior because of what we can’t have. We overthink about people not wanting to talk with us or even get near to us. Sometimes we don’t accept our true selves.

But the truth is people do care.

Maybe we are on the wrong side of the coin but somehow somewhere, anyone can accept us and will do their best to correct our insecurities. It’s our choice to accept them and become better than we used to be.

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